My name is William Snead.

William H SNEAD

William H SNEAD

I live in Duluth, Georgia, USA . I am a retired soldier (22 years) and businessperson. (10 years)

I am married (35 years), have five great children (ranging in years) and two precious Grandchildren. (In their younger years)

My interests are genealogy, writing and researching local history.

My hobbies consist of metal detecting, bottle digging and researching local history.

I do pretty well at most of the less physically demanding hobbies.

I suppose that is why I am beginning to spend more of my spare time working on my blogs and websites.


My Genealogical Skill Set

I have spent countless hours in history archives, public libraries, History Centers , Courthouses, and with Online resources receiving an education along the way on the do’s and don’ts of genealogical research.

I started with on page and one family of one generation. Now my research has gradually expanded to more than 5 generations and a few dozen families.

With help from family members here on earth and some who are now gone I have traced my family’s ancestral line back to my Great-Great-Grandfather John G SNEAD.

Those are my credentials.

My Goals

I am currently searching for information about what the initial ‘G’ stands for in John G SNEAD’s name.

After I reach that goal, I will set another one of finding who John G Snead’s parents were and where the family came from.

What will I do when I reach that goal?

I will set another one.

You Can Help

You can leave a message at my ‘Contact’ page or via email at William@thisplaceofmine.com